Left behind…

You are an expert on this species, you have been studying them all your life. In fact your life has had no other reason than to study them, you were born and raised with just that one purpose. So odd to have been around them all your life, to know them so inherently, but always to be at a distance. How often have you wanted to reach out, to communicate with them, to share their thoughts and be known to them. But now you are here alone, without the others.

It was an emergency they said, “we must evacuate immediately!” But you needed to do one more thing, to check on one more pattern and run one more simulation… Now they have left, all trace of them vanished into the darkness above. You are left, one solitary observer of a race that you must now hide from.

Will they return for you? How long must you wait?

But you know the answer to these questions. You were trained for this eventuality. There is only one way to continue this mission – you must adapt quickly, and live among them. They must never know your true form of course, it would ruin everything. Because you know, you know so much…

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